TranscriptBooster is here to make transcription and audio typing easier.

It's a media player and document editor to be used with Microsoft Word.

Now you can get TranscriptBooster for a mere £10!

Here's an inexpensive transcription product which gives you a comprehensive pedal controllable, variable speed, media player with built-in text expansion. There are no hidden extra cost items, it's a simple 'install it and enjoy using it' deal.

You can use it simply as a quality media player with graphic EQ to make audio easier to understand, but you’d be missing out because 'straight out of the box' it has easy to use hotkeys for timestamping parts where you cannot make out what is said - with TranscriptBooster’s ability to instantly locate and re-play timestamped parts it’s easier and quicker to move on and come back to them later when you’re more used to the speakers’ voices. Delve deeper and you'll find a host of time saving features, see the features page for an idea of what they can do for you.

Work in peace, there are no popups trying to persuade you to buy anything, no install on demand, no changes to your file associations and no junk mail either.